Amiga 2000 (Floppy)

Part 4/5

After the SCSI HD conversion from a real HD to a SD-Card, it is time to add a way to easily use floppy images by adding a GoTek floppy emulator.

The GoTek case is a lot smaller than the 3.5" floppy opening, some kind of frame is needed.


Since the previous owner already drilled some holes in the slot plate I used that as a frame for the GoTek. I simply cut out the center and super glued the frame to the GoTek case.


The GoTek case is then simply bolted to the frame with 4 10mm distance bolts like a real floppy drive. Together with a real floppy drive it fits nicely in the Amiga 2000 drive bay.


With all the pieces in place the next thing will be to install all the software and demonstrate the finished machine. But that is something for the final part.

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