Amiga 2000 (SCSI HD)

Part 3/5

After fixing the Amiga 2000 motherboard and the refurbishing the PSU I upgraded the HD from a real SCSI-drive to a SD-Card via a SCSI2SD.


Together with my brother in law and his company Art and Tech VoF we created a 3D printed bracket that makes it possible to attach the SCSI2SD onto the Amiga SCSI controller card where the HD used to be. We also created a new slot plate that make it possible to access the SD-card and USB port from the back of the Amiga.


Since the SCSI controller card, a GVP (Great Valley Products): 2000 HC+8, has 8 1mb SIMM slots, I used that to upgrade the memory of the Amiga to a total of 9MB (1MB onboard and 8MB on the SCSI controller).


With the SCSI2SD build in the next thing will be to install the GoTek floppy emulator but that will be something for a next part.

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