Amiga 2000 (PSU)

Part 2/5

After fixing the Amiga 2000 motherboard it was time to cleanup the power supply. I preemptively wanted to remove all the electrolytic capacitors so I ordered some new ones.


Since the power supply is just a single sided PCB, getting the old capacitors out and soldering the new capacitors in would be relatively easy. But this model (later versions don’t seem to have it) has a little daughter PCB that kind of block access and itself also had two capacitors on it that I also wanted to replace.

The annoying thing is, it is not connected with some removable connector but it is soldered onto the main PCB. So I first had to desolder the daughter PCB from the main PCB, before I could replace the capacitors.


As mentioned, the desoldering and soldering went real easy, building everything together on the other hand needed a lot of swearing and the use of some violence. But after a while everything, including the cables and new fan fitted in the metal frame again.


I do wonder what that sticker, that I noticed when I put everything together, was all about.


Since I am still waiting for some parts (stupid X-mas time), including a new Super Denise, I can not yet put the whole Amiga together, so that will be something for one of the next parts.

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