MPC8XX BDM Debugging Library
Warning: This project is from the last century (round 1999) and is probably not useful anymore (who still has a PC with a lpt port?), but I keep it here for historic reasons.

The MPC8XX Library is a library to control a Motorola PowerPC processor of type MPC8xx via its BDM debug port. It is based on the GDB patch written by Frank Przybylski of VAS GmbH. The main difference with the GDB patch by Frank Przybylski is that the BDM functionality is put in a shared library and so can also be used by other applications like, for example, a FLASH loader or an automated board test program.


The original MPCBDM hardware wasn’t much more than a few transistors, there are probably a lot of variations based on that original. VAS has two variations that are supported by this library, version 1 and version 2. Since the VAS MPCBDM pages don’t seem to have the correct links anymore, I made them available here ;


Version 1


Version 2

Getting the Source Code

The source code and gdb patch are hosted as libmpc8xx on GitHub. You can use the following git command to clone and compile the sources

git clone git://

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