FPGA Based SPI to SID bridge

The MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID (Sound Interface Device) is the almost 40 year old sound chip that was used in the famous Commodore 64. It uses a 5bit address / 8bit data synchronous bus with a chip select, rw, and clock signal. Since the chip uses the 1MHz (well not exactly 1MHz as I’ll explain later) clock signal also to generate all the audio frequencies, so it is important that the clock signal is stable, even though the read/write access would work fine with a unstable clock as long as the signal setup times are correct. [Read More]


Zephyr C++ Framework

ZPP is a C++ wrapper for Zephyr so the OS API’s can be used more easily used from C++. It is not the intention of ZPP to implement a std:: library for Zephyr. ZPP tries to wrap the Zephyr C-API in C++17 without causing to much runtime and/or memory overhead. Getting the Source Code **Warning**: ZPP is still in alpha state and everything could change from commit to commit The source code of ZPP is hosted as zpp on GitHub. [Read More]