I always have been interested in stage lighting, and have worked as a freelance software engineer for clients in the lighting business, but most of the projects I worked on are out of the range for amateur and low budget venues.

To follow the Free Software Idea, I am working on several smaller lighting-related projects that I made available here. One of them, the Art-Net Wireshark dissector is already available, others are still works in progress.

Good places to find out more about stagecraft are for example websites of organizations like the PLASA , also mailing lists and newsgroups are a good source of information.

The Stagecraft mailing list at:

The Show Control mailing list at:

Open DMX USB update

September 18, 2012

Markus Baier reported that the Open DMX USB driver doesn’t work on big endian CPU’s. He also send a patch, that is now part of the GIT repo at GitHub .

Wireshark 1.8.0RC1

June 08, 2012

The Wireshark team released verion 1.8.0RC1 which includes my Artnet/RDM work. For more information see my wireshark page.

Open DMX USB on GitHub

May 26, 2012

From now on the source code for the Open DMX USB dongle linux driver is hosted on GitHub.