Personal Stuff

Riding my bike and shooting film and photos are my two main hobbies, and in neither I am very good, which is also the reason why I make my money with software and not with bike racing or shooting movies. But from time to time I get a lucky shot and it doesn’t matter how good you are it matters if you like what you are doing.

Nordkapp 2011

In the summer of 2011 I rode my bike to the Nordkapp in Norway, a 10000km trip. During the 5 week trip I shot a lot of video with my onboard camera and some those video’s can be found here.






Wrong Exit

July 21, 2013
Bike at the Nordkapp

When you take a wrong exit in Sweden you can quickly get yourself in trouble. This is a video of the “road” I ended upon after trying to get away from the endless boring “highway”, the first part turned out to be a bit rougher than expected but it was a nice ride. The video [...]

R1-Sjaak route map

March 30, 2013

To visualize what Sjaak Lucassen actually is doing I made a map of his route with the information he posts on Facebook and his website. ¬†The map has markers which show not only Sjaaks route, but also the messages he posted, that way people don’t have to try to find the locations¬†themselves (which, for some [...]

R1-Sjaak Polar Ice Ride

January 28, 2013

Today I had the privilege to meetup with R1-Sjaak Lucassen. Most of you will probably not know R1-Sjaak, unless you’re a biker. Because if you are a biker, and most certainly if you are a Dutch biker, you should know R1-Sjaak. He made bike trips that dwarf most of our normal bike trips, including my [...]