From Microcontroller to Mainframe

In the past 20 years I worked on systems as small as 8bit microcontrollers with no Operating System to systems as large as IBM Z-Series Mainframes. I wrote software for small FreeRTOS and RTEMS based controller with only a few LED’s as “output” to GUI programs for Windows and Linux.

Since low level programming has some special demands on the programming language the main languages I use, and consider myself a professional in, are C, C++, and when it can’t be avoided assembly. Other languages like Python, bash-scripting, lua, cmake, are also part of my daily work.

Due to personal interest and experience there are some areas where I can offer additional knowledge that can speedup things compared to software developers that are new in those areas.

Linux Embedded Distribution Development

For systems that can’t use an average Linux distribution like Debian, Fedora, etc. because of for example storage size restrains I develop highly customizable distributions based on PtxDist or Yocto that can be as small as 8 MByte.

Low Level Driver Development

When there is a need for a small specialized Linux distribution it most of the times means there is some custom hardware in use. For that hardware I can develop low level device drivers for the Linux kernel and bootloaders like U-Boot and Barebox.

RTOS and Baremetal

For systems where a 8 MByte OS is still to large I can offer baremetal or RTEMS, FreeRTOS and Zephyr based solutions on PowerPC, AVR32, and mostly ARM.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control for stage and theater is an rather specialized area with several unique technologies. Having knowledge of technologies like for example DMX, RDM, Art-Net and ACN, makes it a lot easier for me to get up to speed in software development projects that deal with those technologies.

Public Information Systems

Like with Lighting Control systems, Public Information Systems in the public transportation area deal with specialized protocols and demands. Working for clients in doing public transportation information systems and for clients doing public transportation power converters I collected extensive knowledge in that area.

BLS Roll-Out

Roll-Out of a new train with a Passenger Information System partially (OS porting, GUI, and build management) written by me. That includes the LED displays on the outside and the TFT displays on the inside, although the inside TFT displays are not visible on this video.