Free and Open Source Software

Free Software and Open Source Software are quite different, although both of them will give you access to the source code of your software. Free Software is about freedom, where Open Source Software deals more with giving access to the source code out of practical reasons (such as security audits and bug fixing).

There are a huge number of Free and Open Source projects, that for example can be found on Source Forge, Google Code and many other place on the Internet. While many of them are commonly known, like Linux, Firefox and Open Office, there are others that people use on a daily basis without even they are, like BIND, postfix and Apache.

As a software developer I use and/or try to contribute to a number of those products like GCC, Ptxdist, Linux and Wireshark.

Open DMX USB update

September 18, 2012

Markus Baier reported that the Open DMX USB driver doesn’t work on big endian CPU’s. He also send a patch, that is now part of the GIT repo at GitHub .

Wireshark 1.8.0RC1

June 08, 2012

The Wireshark team released verion 1.8.0RC1 which includes my Artnet/RDM work. For more information see my wireshark page.

Open DMX USB on GitHub

May 26, 2012

From now on the source code for the Open DMX USB dongle linux driver is hosted on GitHub.