R1-Sjaak Polar Ice Ride

January 28, 2013 in Personal Stuff

Today I had the privilege to meetup with R1-Sjaak Lucassen. Most of you will probably not know R1-Sjaak, unless you’re a biker. Because if you are a biker, and most certainly if you are a Dutch biker, you should know R1-Sjaak. He made bike trips that dwarf most of our normal bike trips, including my trip to the North Cape, the biggest as far as I know was his ride around the world, crossing 75 countries in 5 years. And what is most surprising to most people, he did that on a Yamaha R1 Super Bike. He also did some other extreme rides, like to the North Cape and from Florida to Alaska in the winter.

But now he is going to top those adventures by riding from Point Barrow (the most northern point of Alaska) over the polar ice to Florida (You can see the whole route here). If you would like to follow Sjaak you can checkout his Polar Ice Ride page. You can also find him on Facebook under the name R1SjaakPolarIceRide

Now ofcourse the question, why would Sjaak take the time to meet up with a random person like me? Well on Facebook I asked him if and how he was going to film his trip, and he told me he was still looking for camera’s. Since I have a drift stealth camera I ask him if he would like to borrow it. So after some more emails and phone calls, I ended up providing Sjaak with 3 1TB USB3 harddrives and my Drift Stealth camera with 3 battery packs. So if Sjaak has no videos to show after this adventure you all know who to blame!

As a thank you he gave me a copy of his book “Leven op 2 wielen” and a copy of his DVD “Sjaak the world”. Of course since I only lending him my camera, I wonder if he would want the book and DVD back after he returns my camera.

I wish Sjaak the best of luck, and will most certainly follow his adventures online.