From microcontroller to mainframe

Even though I mostly concentrate on embedded Linux systems, I have also worked with small 8bit and 16bit microcontrollers running no OS at all, and although IBM mainframes aren’t exactly embedded systems I did Linux kernel development on them as well.

Free and Open Source Software
Free and Open Source Software is an important part of my daily business, be it paid projects like Linux kernel development at IBM or projects I work on in the little spare time I have. Some of those projects can be found under the FOSS menu, they include projects like RTEMS, RTAI, libmpc8xx and Wireshark.

Stage lighting and related technologies always interested me, and under the Stagecraft menu entry there are several stagecraft-related projects I work on. Those projects are mostly communication protocol based like libraries and Wireshark dissectors for Art-Net, ACN and DMX.

Wrong Exit

juli 21, 2013
Bike at the Nordkapp

When you take a wrong exit in Sweden you can quickly get yourself in trouble. This is a video of the “road” I ended upon after trying to get away from the endless boring “highway”, the first part turned out to be a bit rougher than expected but it was a nice ride. The video [...]

R1-Sjaak route map

maart 30, 2013

To visualize what Sjaak Lucassen actually is doing I made a map of his route with the information he posts on Facebook and his website. ¬†The map has markers which show not only Sjaaks route, but also the messages he posted, that way people don’t have to try to find the locations¬†themselves (which, for some [...]

R1-Sjaak Polar Ice Ride

januari 28, 2013

Today I had the privilege to meetup with R1-Sjaak Lucassen. Most of you will probably not know R1-Sjaak, unless you’re a biker. Because if you are a biker, and most certainly if you are a Dutch biker, you should know R1-Sjaak. He made bike trips that dwarf most of our normal bike trips, including my [...]